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Dr. A. K. Abdul Momen

About Dr. A. K. Abdul Momen

Dr. A. K. Abdul Momen

Abul Kalam Abdul Momen (born 23 August 1947) better known as AK Abdul Momen. Bangladeshi politicians, economists and diplomats. He is a Member of Parliament for Sylhet-1 constituency and Foreign Minister of Bangladesh. He was the Permanent Representative of Bangladesh to the United Nations from August 2009 to October 2015.

Other Adviser

Dr. A. K. Abdul Momen

Abul Kalam Abdul Momen (born 23 August 1947) better known as AK

Imran Ahmed

Imran Ahmed (born 22 February 1948) is the Minister for Expatriate Welfare

Rafiqun Nabi

Rafiqun Nabi (nickname Ranbi) (born November 26, 1943) is a renowned Bangladeshi

Jamal Uddin Ahmed

Jamal Uddin Ahmed (born 1955) is a Bangladeshi artist and professor.[1] In recognition of

Nisar Hossain

Born: 1961, Dhaka, Bangladesh. Present Position : Dean, Faculty of Fine Art,

Tarun Ghosh

Tarun Ghosh is a Bangladeshi art director and animation editor. He won Bangladesh National

Sadi Mohammad

Sadi Mohammad is a Bangladeshi Rabindra Sangeet singer and composer. [1] He is

Nashid Kamal

Nashid Kamal (born 19 March) is a Bangladeshi vocalist, writer and professor of demography.[1] She

Shibli Mohammad

Shibli Mohammad is a Bangladeshi dancer and choreographer.[1] He is the co-director of “Nrityanchal

Goutam Chakraborty

Born in 1965 at Dhaka, Bangladesh.  Freelance painter and Director, Gallery Kaya,

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