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The Ministry of Education of the Government of the People’s Republic of Bangladesh has formulated the National Education Policy 2010. This is our attempt to implement the said education policy. I believe that cultural practices are essential for the creation of a cultured, elegant, tradition-conscious orderly nation and civic group. Culture includes painting, music, recitation, and other arts.

There was no institutional art or cultural center in the divisional city of Sylhet. I think the establishment of this institution has fulfilled a dream in Sylhet division. There is no substitute for cultivating culture to move a country forward. So, I can easily say that there is no shortage of needs for Sylhet Arts College for this society. Nowadays, there are other subjects associated with fine arts in the college which is very good news for us.

I hope this organization will do much better in the future.

Sheikh Russel Hasan
Deputy Commissioner, Sylhet
and President,
Sylhet Arts College



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