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Sylhet, a divisional city, has all kinds of educational system; but before the establishment of this college, there was no other educational institution for the development of fine arts.

“Shah Alam Gallery of Fine Arts” was established in 2009 in the name in memory of the late painter Shah Alam who passed away in 2006. It is the first and only gallery in Sylhet division till date. “Sylhet Arts College” is managed by Sylhet District Administration and “Sylhet Art and Autism Foundation”. Training in Music, Guitar, Drums, Keyboard and Tabla will be provided here along with the fine arts department. Later, other sections such as Dance, Recitation, Drama and other departments will be started. Currently, the Department of Fine Arts has applied for affiliation with the National University.

The other sections are our own syllabus and our own certificate. Sylhet Art College started its journey in September 2020 during the epidemic of covid 19. On the Board of Trustees of the College in February 2022, all the members decided to have other departments like Music, Dance, Recitation, Guitar, Keyboard, Drums and Tabla along with the Fine Arts department. So, the name was changed to “Sylhet Arts College” instead of “Sylhet Art College”.

At present, one acre of land has been allotted by Shafiul Alam Chowdhury Nadel to the College.

We remember with deep sorrow our founding principal Arvind Das Gupta and with him we remember the late painter Shah Alam.

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