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Certification on Guitar

Certification on  Music ( Guitar)


Course Overview:
Each student will realize that they can be a guitar player. This course serves as an
introduction to the instrument and will provide students with an instant access to making
music on the guitar. Focus points will be strumming and rhythms, reading music,
improvising, and beginning songwriting.
Course Description:
Students will be led through an intensive one-year course to introduce them to the
guitar. The course will be split into several units that cover various aspects of
understanding the instrument and the music that can be created with it (see below for
more in-depth descriptions). Each day, students will be led through a routine of tuning
their guitars, warming-up, group instruction, and independent group practicing and
playing. Students will also learn basic maintenance of the instrument and how to change
strings, clean the guitar’s surface, clean strings, and maintain tuning. Throughout the
6 months course, students will keep a learners journal and manuscript notebook to
record and reflect upon their process of learning.

Course Goals and Objectives
1. Goal: Students will recognize and identify fundamental aspects of beginning
a. Objective: Students will be able to identify the parts of the guitar and
their uses
b. Objective: Students will be able to apply tuning techniques using the
relationships between the strings, note intervals, and chords.
2. Goal: Students will develop the finger dexterity and strumming abilities in order
to begin making music.
a. Objective: Students will perform exercises such as playing through scales,
chord charts, strumming patterns and rhythms and they will practice these
rhythms independently and in groups.
3. Goal: Students will be able to read basic music on the guitar
a. Objective: Students will play through simple solo songs and duets and
will do so while staying on the beat and in the time signature.
4. Goal: Students will be able to play popular songs using chord charts, lyrics, and
time signatures.



Week 1

Introduction to guitar (History)

Guitar Anatomy (Learning the Parts of a Guitar)


Week 2

Learning the notes


Notes of the strings


Week 3-14

Exercise (hammer on & pull off, stretching, finger exercise, shapes)


Week 15-16

Introduction to scales along with practice & exercise


Week 17-20

Introduction to chords, cord construction, rhythm & strumming patterns.


Week 21-22



Week 23-24


Which is required to be admitted: 

6 months course

4 classes per month

Class time : Saturday 5pm

* Student should have at least S.S.C or equivalent in any discipline of any year.
* Admission is going on Music (Guitar)  (Session 2022-2023).

Necessary Documents for Admission:
* 6 copies (passport size) color photo.

-> Student can download admission form from college website.
-> Student must pass in admission test.
Admission fee: 3600 taka

Tuition fee: 1000 taka

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