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1 Year Advanced Certificate Course in Fine Arts (Arts and Culture)

Department of  Fine Arts

BFA Pre Degree 2022-2023 academic year


Since its inception, the Department of Drawing and Illustration has been teaching at the BFA level through practice-based curriculum following the European academic tradition.

Through the BFA Honors Program, students are introduced to the traditional and state-of-the-art mediums and techniques, as well as periodic education in the real-world format of composition, such as composition, illustration, proportional representation, and the editing process required for environmental development. Lavel will get the chance. 

In addition, there will be opportunities for periodic education on presentation and performance processes required for environmental development. Moreover, the curriculum has been arranged in such a way that it enables the students to become proficient in the prescribed academic education as well as gradually move towards experimental creative practice.

The main purpose of the theoretical curriculum is to provide students with a clear idea about the past and present history of world art and aesthetic qualities and to motivate the students to consciously move forward in their practice through art critique-critical analysis etc. By taking lessons at the BFA level, students will become confident and self-reliant as they gain knowledge and information about the arts and the art world and play a meaningful and meaningful role in their respective fields of work.

BFA Pre Degree 2 year course. After that you can do 3 years BFA degree or 4 years BFA honors. Admission in this subject can be done with SSC or equivalent examination.

Subject List of B.F.A Pree Degree

SL No. Subject Code Subject Number
1 701 Bangla 1st & 2nd paper 100
2 702 English 1st & 2nd paper 100
3 703 History of Civilization & Sociology 100
4 705 Sketch 100
5 706 Painting 100
6 707 Graphics 100
7 708 Sculpture(Modeling) 100
8 709 Drawing 100
9 710 Basic Design 100
10 711 Perspective 50
11 712 Lettering 50
Total 1000

Class Time:

Every Sunday to Thursday from 3pm to 6pm.

B.F.A Pre-Degree:
* Student should have at least S.S.C or equivalent in any discipline of any year.
* Admission is going on B.F.A Pre-Degree course (Session 2022-2023).

Necessary Documents for Admission:
* Original Mark Sheet & Testimonial of S.S.C  (if applicable).
* 6 copies (passport size) color photo.

-> Student can download admission form from college website.
-> Student must pass in admission test.
-> Student pay all admission fees 10,000 Taka &  tuition fees  2000 Taka.



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