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SAC Beginner Certification Course on Drums


Course Overview:

Each student will realize that they can be a drum player. This course serves as an introduction
to the instrument and will provide students with instant access to making music on the drum.
Focus points will be beats and rhythms, reading music, improvising, and beginning of own
beats making.

Course Description:

Students will be led through an intensive six-month course to introduce them to the drum.
The course will be split into several units that cover various aspects of understanding the
instrument and the music that can be created with it. Each week, students will be led through
a routine of setting up their drums, warming-up, group instruction, and independent group
practicing and playing. Throughout the six-month course, students will keep a learner’s
journal and manuscript notebook to record and reflect upon their process of learning.


Students who are a part of ‘Beginner Certification Course on Drums’ should be prepared to
practice on their own time outside of class. To progress towards the course’s final goals and
objectives, daily independent practicing is essential. We have only one month together so
let’s make the most of it!

➢ Week: 01
a. Introduction to Drums
b. Acoustic Drum Sets
c. Electronic Drum Sets
d. The Body
e. Hands & Feet
f. Lesson-01


➢ Week: 02
a. Setting Goal
b. Developing a practice Routine
c. The Metronome
d. Low Volume Practice
e. Lesson-02


➢ Week: 03
a. Learning Grips
b. Learning Notation (i)
c. Time Signature (i)
d. Note Value Legend (i)
e. Lesson- 03


➢ Week: 04
a. Learning Notation (ii)
b. Note Value Legend (ii)
c. Time Signature (ii)
d. Lesson- 04


➢ Week: 05
a. Notation Legend (iii)
b. Note Value Legend (iii)
c. Time Signature (iii)
d. Learning Rudiments (i)
e. Lesson- 05


➢ Week: 06
a. Reading Notation
b. Parts of the Stave
c. Different types of notes
d. Counting
e. Lesson- 06
SAC Beginner Certification Course on Drums


➢ Week: 07
a) Lesson- 07
b) Counting Crotchets
c) Crotchets & Quavers
d) Quavers Rest
e) Common Rhythmic Groupings


➢ Week: o8
a) Backbeats
b) Backbeats Patterns
c) Two Bar Patterns
d) Bass Drum Variation

e) Lesson- 08


➢ Week: 09
a) Notation Legend (iv)
b) Learning Rudiments (ii)
c) Drum Fills (i)
d) Lesson- 09


➢ Week: 10
a) Learning Rudiments (iii)
b) Notation Legend (vi)
c) Introducing Fills
d) Exercise with Fills
e) Lesson- 10


➢ Week: 11
a) Learning Rudiments (iv)
b) Learning Vocabulary (i)
c) Building Limb Independence (i)
d) Lesson- 11 (Exercise)


➢ Week: 12
a) Mid Assessment


➢ Week: 13
a) Learning Vocabulary
b) Rudiments (vi)
c) Building Limb Independence (ii)
d) Applying Techniques (i)
e) Lesson- 12


➢ Week: 14
a) Developing Freedom (i)
b) Lead Hand Independence
c) Bass Drum Independence
d) Lesson- 13


➢ Week: 15
a) Learning Musical Styles (i)
• Country
• Funk
b) Applying Techniques (ii)
c) Lesson- 14


➢ Week: 16
a) Learning Musical Styles (ii)
✓ Bossa Nova
✓ Jazz
b) Applying Techniques (iii)
c) Lesson- 15


➢ Week: 17
a) Learning Musical Styles (iii)
✓ Metal
✓ Rock
b) Lesson- 16


➢ Week: 18
a) Playing to Music (i)
b) Play-Along Tracks
c) The Pulse
d) Lesson- 17


➢ Week: 19
a) Playing to Music (ii)
b) The Structure
c) Developing Freedom (Putting them together)
d) Lesson- 18


➢ Week: 20
a) Playing to Music (iii)
b) Grooves
c) Learning Musical Styles (iii)
✓ Recommended Listening
d) Lesson- 19

➢ Week: 21
a) Playing to Music (iv)
b) Dynamics
c) Basic Rock Beats
d) Lesson- 20


➢ Week: 22
a) Learning Rolls
b) Time, Groove & pocket
c) Syncopation
d) Lesson- 21


➢ Week: 23
a) Appendix: Investing
b) Drums
✓ Drum-Set Recommendations
c) Cymbals
✓ Cymbal Recommendations
d) Hardware
✓ Hardware Recommendations
e) Drumhead
✓ Drumhead Recommendations
f) Drums Sticks


➢ Week: 24
a) Final assessment


❖ Assessment Marking System:
✓ Practical:                         50
✓ Theoretical:                    30
✓ Attendance:                    10
✓ Behavioral Approach:  10
Total:                               100
[N:B: There will be two assessments (Mid & Final) consist of 200 marks in total]

Admission information

6 months  course

4 classes per month

* Student should have at least S.S.C or equivalent in any discipline of any year.
* Admission is going on Music (Drums)  (Session 2022-2023).

Necessary Documents for Admission:
* 6 copies (passport size) color photo.

*  Photocopy of SSC Certificate

-> Student can download admission form from college website.
-> Student must pass in admission test.
Admission fee: 3500 taka

Tuition fee: 1000 taka

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